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18 January 2012

New York cabbie + final bits of homework

Just found this one from September in New York.

And two more bits of homework for my class tomorrow evening. My kitchen as seen from a bug's eye point of view!

16 January 2012

Reportage Photography - week 1

I think it was a moment of madness that made me enrol in the Reportage Photography course. In the first evening, there was a lot of talking about the weeks to come. The next 10 weeks will be all about theory and practice, focusing on the photographic narrative. We will select topics, prepare sessions, shoot and edit our own work, and then present it in class.  There is so much to think about! I don't know how on earth I'm going to get it all done, plus come up with my own personal project that will be shown at the end.

The first week's task is to take 15 images - each one having a different technical brief to fulfil.  Some tasks I didn't understand, some I didn't know how to approach and some I found impossible - but these are images I did manage to get, to my sort-of satisfaction. My neighbour's hairdresser got married on Saturday - and I was her plus one! 

5 January 2012

The power of children

Children's Day Celebrations were held on 14th November 2011 at the High Court of Delhi. This day was organised by India's National Legal Services Authority, with the High Court of Delhi, Delhi State Legal Services Authority and the Family Courts of Delhi.

I was there. I was there with the BBA. It was a day for children, organised by children with dancing, magic, bouncy castle, lots of food and sweets and many, many children's treats.

The boys from Bal Ahsram performed a play: acting out child labourers, police, corrupt employers and their own rescue. Other children from other parts of India danced and sang and many spoke passionately about children's rights.

The day ended up with me piling into the back of a jeep full of boys and balloons - and as we drove north through the bumpy roads not a single balloon popped as euphoria eventually turned to sleep. For me that the balloons remained in tact - yet played with endlessly for several days after (until they finally deflated!) seems to sum up the spirit and personalities these beautiful children.