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31 January 2010

Back in Delhi!

It feels great to be here!

Night flight went quickly with the help of a gin and tonic and bottle of wine with dinner, and woke up over Kabul's snow-capped mountains.

I was met at the airport after some confusion (this is India) and had a ride to my rediculiously posh hotel.... aiprort and roads much more organised than I remember - but it is 12 years since last being here.

Not sure if I want to go to sleep or out for a walk? It's 12.45 here, 8.15am at home...

I am looking forward to meeting Bhuwan from the India Children's Society at around 5pm.

Woo hoo - I can't quite believe I'm here!

30 January 2010

Snowing in London!

Woke up to a white winter wonderland.. beautiful morning: clear blue skies and icy cold.

2am the night before

It's 2am and I'm just getting to bed. Packing and preparing for a trip is simply not do-able while working full time!

Still a bit more to do - tape American Idol, empty bins, hoover - and go and see Mum and Z, plus pick up my Indian plug adaptor.

Need to sleep but also very excited about the coming week and all I am about to experience - I want to record the week fully, plus get some great photographs.

Till tomorrow...