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22 August 2012

13 August 2012

The Maasai

First few photos. More to come!

The Maasai live in the semi-arid Rift Valley region of Kenya and Tanzania. They own large herds of cattle, sheep and goats which they follow around seasonally in search of new grazing grounds and water sources. They do not cultivate the land and depend on a cash economy. They live off the blood, milk and meat that their cattle provides them. Cattle represents food and power; the more cattle a Maasai has, the richer he is and therefore the more power and influence he will have within his tribe.

Killing a lion in Masaai culture is a test of manhood - see photo (6th down) of a 16 year old schoolboy who killed a lion when he was just 15. He is wearing his hat made of that very lion. The 2nd last photo shows scars from that battle.