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8 February 2010

Back in the UK

We didn't have any internet connection and not much electricity either so I wasn't able to updaate my blog. 

Anyway, I am back after a very long 31 hour journey home, and will try my best to write up what happened over the last few days.... it's going to be difficult to convey the amazing people I've met and things I've seen.....

Back soon!

1 February 2010

Conference day 1

A completely mind-blowing day.. too much to write about now, except to say that I have seen history in the making.

More to come - too tired to think about anything apart from packing for Rajastan and Bangalore tomorrow.

Monday 1st Feb 2010 - Delhi

Despite feeling tired and strange, I met Bhuwan and Vinay in recepttion. Preferring to get out of the hotel, we got into Bhuwan's jeep and drove over to the BBA office in his jeep (with rifle-man in the back - who goes everywhere with him). Roads as chaotic as ever - cars, motorbikes with whole families on them and padestrians each going their own way regardless of anyone else!
At the offices we had coffee (think was milk with sugar - but delicious anyway) and we chatted a lot about the BBA, what it does, has achieved and what will happen this week. I asked a million questions and the pieces of the puzzle started to fit together.
Bhuwan and Vinay are both photography addicts - and were pouring over my camera - we'll share camreas this week!
The BBA rescues children who have been sold - their parents are offered money and told their children will go to school and send rupees each month. The Bal Ashram is where the rescued children are sent and cared for, and go to school - we will visit tomorrow.
Taxi back to hotel and had some supper in 'blooms' (oy vey name isn't it) and then fell into bed and had a FANTASTIC sleep.
Breakfast was incredible - there were breakfasts for every type of nationality - so naturally I chose Indian Breakfast. Papadom type bread, chickpea and veggie sauces, amazing chutneys... hot coffee and fresh watermelon juice.

Now getting into my posh outfit - black trousers, white cotton shirt and am trying to get my hair to behave!!!.

8.40am and we are all meeting downstairs at 9 for our briefing. I'm both excited, and a little nervous. I wonder what today will bring? I hope I can contribute as much as possible.