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30 September 2011

The British Museum.

I worked at the British Museum for a while, designing pages of their new website (now live) and managing their current site of the time. An interesting place to work. Once museum mafia, always museum mafia!

29 September 2011


Today I thought I'd put up some photos I took of leopards, including a couple of clouded leopards.

27 September 2011

Key West, Florida - dolphins and a feeding bird

Some nature from Key West, Florida.

Eddie Izzard portraits

Eddie Izzard in St. Albans. I think his eyes could boil an egg just by staring at it.

Child Friendly village in Rajastan

I often think about this village in Rajastan. It's a very special village because it's been certified 'Child Friendly'. This means that all the children of the village actually go to school and NO child works.  It's an incredible thing to see. You can feel the energy and hope.  I still have the red cotton bangle they tied on my wrist when I visited last year.

Djibouti children and their clay models

In Djibouti, near the boarder with Ethiopia, these boys made models of animals out of mud to sell. Visitors only come to this remote area once a month in certain seasons. I bought one from them, wrapped it in a towel to bring home, but it broke on the journey. I stuck it together but it is now disintegrating and the mud is gradually flaking off.

Henna-ed hands in Ranthambore

Coming down from Ranthambore Fort these ladies insisted on showing me their hands.

26 September 2011

Rural India at night

And finally for today, a shot of rural India at night. I have no idea where I was when I took this! We were waiting for a bus but in all the chaos and traffic there didn't seem to be one.  In the end we accepted a lift back to Delhi from a random driver, which turned out to be about a 6 hour drive! I love India at night: It takes on a character and mood all of it's own. Distinctive and I love it.

Bal Ahshram - the morning routine

Just two more photos from my last trip out to India. These were taken at 6am in Rajastan. A hosedown followed by a good warm-up!

A beautiful face in Southern India

India is on my mind as I'll be back there soon. I just had to put up this portrait of a woman from a remote village in South India.  The people of this village were sandalwood harvesters, but due to poaching of the trees, sadly none are left. This was taken for an Australian sandalwood company.

A portrait of a colleague

A portrait of one of my colleagues.

A New Orleans gent

A New Orleans gentleman listening to jazz at the seafood festival.