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21 February 2012

How I feel about commuting on London Transport

The assignment theme was "transport" so I decided to try to photograph how I feel about my daily commute to and from Central London. It's about an hour and a half each way. These are un-editetd and I may add more or delete a few.

7 February 2012

Child-friendly village, Rajasthan

Last December, after a bumpy, dusty jeep ride, I arrived in a Child Friendly Village. I was first invited to sit in a small building, on hammock-type beds, and met the village elders, with Athydia translating for me.  I got to speak to the elders, thank them for letting me visit and told them I'd tell people I know at home about their village, of which they are so proud. They were curious to know if child labour happens in England. After that, I was shown their living area around the back, and was promptly presented with the youngest member of the village - a teeny baby, which was immediately plonked on my lap! The young mother hovered nearby, proud to know that her little girl would have a proper education. 

Introductions over, I walked over to the school building and took over a class and soon all the classes had joined us: At first the children were very shy, but I sat on the floor and just started up some counting and alphabet songs. Very soon the children forgot everything and the sea of beautiful faces before me became animated and eager.  The children could count to 10 but then got a bit stuck. So I played my game of getting someone to count just 9 of my fingers, then lots of laughter when they 'discover' the 10th hidden underneath! We counted that some children had '12' fingers (my dodgy maths!) - and this had some of the children doubled over in hysterical giggles. I could have stayed there all day, and Athidya had to prise and pull me away.

I love the idea of the Child Friendly Village.  Many villages in the area are now very proud to be certified with Child Friendly status. This means that no child in the village will work and all will attend school.  I hope these photographs do my visit justice. I have now visited a few, and hope to visit more later this year.